– Disrupting the residential real-estate-brokerage biz

POSTED: March 26, 2015
MIKE MAHER, 32, of Southwest Center City, is co-founder and CEO of Houwzer. The startup wants to disrupt the residential real-estate-brokerage biz by creating a more competitive marketplace for home buyers and sellers. Maher and his wife, Jennifer, co-founded the Center City co-working space Benjamin’s Desk in 2012. Houwzer is located in Benjamin’s Desk.

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Forbes – Which Industries Are Uber-Vulnerable for Cloud Disruption?


Ritter is co-founder and general partner of Emergence Capital.

Uber, Lending Club, and Airbnb have all upended long-standing, traditional business models, replacing them with cloud-enabled marketplaces, and making headlines in the process. Industry-focused cloud applications, the engines driving the upheaval in those industries, have only begun to realize their potential. What other industries are Uber-vulnerable for industry cloud disruption, and what do the disruptors have in common?

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