Why You Should Buy in West Philadelphia

The benefits of buying a home in West Philadelphia, including food, entertainment, green space, and culture.

West Philadelphia. How should I describe it? Lovely, quirky, original, bohemian, scholarly, multicultural – the list could go on. The neighborhood just west of the Schuylkill River is full of spunk, and if you are looking to purchase a home, buying in West Philadelphia may be the spot for you.

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How to Sell Your House During the Holidays

Keep your house neutral when selling during the holidays.

Tips and tricks to getting your house on the market and sold during the holiday season.

If you are thinking about selling your home during the holidays, you may have received some push back. People are often told by friends and family not to sell their home in the winter months. The truth is, people buy homes year-round, so don’t let the cold stop you from getting your house on the market.

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West Philadelphia Real Estate Quick Guide

Love Letter Series in West Philadelphia

A glimpse of average home and rent prices, days on market, and homes sold in the West Philadelphia real estate market

I feel like anytime I meet someone from West Philadelphia, they tell me it’s the best neighborhood in Philadelphia. The residents usually speak to the unique restaurants, vibrant music venues, and bounty of trees as reasons to live there. Most often though, it the abundance of character you just won’t find in other areas of the city that sells people on West Philly. If you are looking for a true bohemian feel, West Philadelphia may be for you.

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Prosperworks – Why Real Estate Agents Haven’t Used CRM

By Yuna Akazawa | December 2, 2015

“In traditional real estate brokerage, everyone is using antiquated systems and manually managing their day-to-day operations. We saw this new emerging service software and realized there’s a great opportunity for that to be developed in real estate,” says David Speers, Director of Sales at Houwzer.
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