The Emotional “Side Effects” of Selling Your Home

Emotional side effects of selling your home

Kevin and I created Houwzer with a mission to change real estate brokerage from the ground up, beginning with a 100% focus on customer needs. We understand that a home is most people’s largest asset, and the price received for this asset can have a significant bearing on the future, including the ability to purchase the next dream home.

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The Not So Incidental Costs of Buying a Home

Selling your house may cost more than you think.

We started Houwzer with the vision of sparking a real estate revolution by giving “you, the people,” more insight, information, and control to find a better way home. We derive no greater satisfaction than celebrating with our customers when they land their dream home. We also want to help buyers set clear budgetary expectations and guidelines so they don’t fall in love with a dream beyond their reach.

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Buyer Agents Shun FSBO’s


Why going the FSBO route may not be the best move.

There is a pretty clear reason why 80% of FSBO’s (for sale by owner sellers) end up hiring an agent to sell their home. Buyer agents are reluctant to show this type of listing to their clients. Even when buyers want to see these types of properties, they are often “steered” away by their agents. I know – that’s not cool.

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The Houwzer Manifesto — Words We Live By


We are on a mission to change real estate for good.

We realize our mission to Democratize Real Estate may seem a bit lofty, and challenging the legacy revenue model of the residential real estate brokerage institution is certain to ruffle more than a few feathers. [It’s not lost on us that the National Association of Realtors is the second largest lobbying group in the country]. But we can’t think of a more worthwhile mission than to help make dream homes come true and stimulate local economies along the way. We say, go big or go home.
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