The Listing Agent Marketing Myth


The idea that listing agents “market” your home in the age of internet search is a MYTH. Yup…We said it.

With the advent of the internet, and in particular real estate search engines, most listing agents no longer actively market their listings. The National Association of Realtors (“NAR”) data shows that 98% of consumers in the market to purchase a home begin their search online. The Internet receives about 100 million real estate search impressions per month. And of those, approximately 75 million go to the three dominant real estate search portals: Zillow, Trulia, and

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The Emotional “Side Effects” of Selling Your Home

Emotional side effects of selling your home

Kevin and I created Houwzer with a mission to change real estate brokerage from the ground up, beginning with a 100% focus on customer needs. We understand that a home is most people’s largest asset, and the price received for this asset can have a significant bearing on the future, including the ability to purchase the next dream home.

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Why People Don’t Trust Real Estate Agents


There is a trust problem in real estate. It’s our mission to fix this phenomenon.

First, let me be clear – I’m not writing this to disparage real estate agents. After all, I am one myself, and I believe most are competent and well meaning. I am, however, here to shine a blazing spotlight on two misaligned and out-of-date business practices under which most traditional agents work and many earn tremendous incomes. Unfortunately, these business practices are so egregious that they largely contribute to massive mistrust of the entire industry.

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The difference between a flat-fee brokerage and Houwzer

This question comes up all the time – are you a flat-fee brokerage? In short, no, we are not. Let’s go over the differences.

Generally, when consumers deal with a flat-fee brokerage, they are receiving an à la carte service. As a subscriber to this type of service, you may choose from offerings such as a listing on MLS, support from an agent, pictures, or open house scheduling. Rarely are all these services available for the standard fee and it is usually limited.
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How Traditional Real Estate is Hurting Homeownership

The Costs of Homeownership

Why Homeownership is important and how Houwzer is making it more cost-effective

In a January 12, 2016 Inman News article, California Association of Realtors CEO, Joel Singer, expressed concern about the declining rates of homeownership in America. Mr. Singer’s concerns are well placed: Post World War II homeownership is the backbone of American Middle-Class wealth. In fact, homeownership created the middle class in America. The evidence for this proposition is irrefutable. What is refutable, however, are the reasons Singer gives for the declining homeownership rates. He estimates homeownership rates dropped a full 10% since 2006 to its lowest rate since the 1960’s.
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4 Essential Real Estate Tactics to Sell Your Home

4 Essential Real Estate Tactics to Sell Your House

Today’s blog post comes from our wonderfully talented Experience Manager, Brandon Budda. If you are a Houwzer client, you will surely cross paths we with him, as he handles all the admin work for our agents. Brandon took a few minutes from his day to share important tips for those ready to sell their home. Let’s hear what he had to say.
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How to Sell Your House During the Holidays

Keep your house neutral when selling during the holidays.

Tips and tricks to getting your house on the market and sold during the holiday season.

If you are thinking about selling your home during the holidays, you may have received some push back. People are often told by friends and family not to sell their home in the winter months. The truth is, people buy homes year-round, so don’t let the cold stop you from getting your house on the market.

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Buyer Agents Shun FSBO’s


Why going the FSBO route may not be the best move.

There is a pretty clear reason why 80% of FSBO’s (for sale by owner sellers) end up hiring an agent to sell their home. Buyer agents are reluctant to show this type of listing to their clients. Even when buyers want to see these types of properties, they are often “steered” away by their agents. I know – that’s not cool.

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