Prosperworks – Why Real Estate Agents Haven’t Used CRM

By Yuna Akazawa | December 2, 2015

“In traditional real estate brokerage, everyone is using antiquated systems and manually managing their day-to-day operations. We saw this new emerging service software and realized there’s a great opportunity for that to be developed in real estate,” says David Speers, Director of Sales at Houwzer.
Read more Philly – Veterans accelerator The Bunker to launch in Benjamin’s Desk’s new Old City space

By Juliana Reyes / REPORTER
Michael Maher hosted a star-studded launch to his new project this morning, a local expansion of a Chicago business incubator for military veterans called The Bunker.Maher, a former naval officer, founded Center City coworking space Benjamin’s Desk in 2012 and recently gave the reins to his brother so he could focus on his real estate startup, Houwzer. He first announced his plans for The Bunker on Veterans Day.The Bunker’s launch coincided with Comcast’s announcement of a national sponsorship for The Bunker, one month after the media and telecom giant pledged to hire 10,000 veterans and their spouses over the next three years. (Comcast did not disclose details of the sponsorship.)
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Inman – New crop of real estate innovators out to disrupt brokerage business model

By Paul Hagel | June 25, 2015

Real estate startup SOLOpro had a big week: It raised $1 million in funding and was named a finalist at Realogy’s “FWD” pitch competition. Founder Tommy Sowers believes technology can save consumers time and money. Here is the twist: His online platform is a limited-service offer, allowing homebuyers to hire agents for specific services on an a la carte basis. And SOLOpro is not alone in this mission. A raft of new well-funded startups have descended on the real estate scene with lofty ambitions. The big question: Could one of these firms break out and reduce the role of real estate agents or eat away at their commissions? Along with home-flipping platform Opendoor, end-to-end real estate firm Xome, national franchisor Redefy, small brokerages Houwzer and Quill Realty, a…

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Inman – 2 startups charge flat fees for listings, revamping the real estate brokerage model

by Paul Hagey | April 27, 2015

Toward the end of his time as a team leader with Keller Williams Realty in 2011, Jordan Connett realized that listing agents’ jobs were much easier than they used to be. Agents can easily place their listings in front of millions of homebuyers on powerhouse, cutting-edge portals like Zillow, Trulia and; and paperless platforms like dotloop and DocuSign eliminate the time and hassle their pre-digital predecessors had to expend to simply collect documents and get them signed. That new reality, paired with the fact that listings carry some inherent value to real estate brokerages and agents alike, led Connett to conclude that listing agent commissions would increasingly compress below the current 2.5 percent range. He decided to get a jump on what he saw coming b…

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Philadelphia Business Journal – Startup Houwzer is new model real estate brokerage

by Lauren Hertzler

You might know Mike Maher. He’s the guy who founded Center City co-working space Benjamin’s Desk.

A few months ago, he stepped down from his CEO role at Benjamin’s Desk (and handed control to his brother Anthony Maher) to run Houwzer, a startup real estate brokerage with a twist. He founded the company with Kevin Baird, a local real estate developer, attorney and entrepreneur.

Read more – Disrupting the residential real-estate-brokerage biz

POSTED: March 26, 2015
MIKE MAHER, 32, of Southwest Center City, is co-founder and CEO of Houwzer. The startup wants to disrupt the residential real-estate-brokerage biz by creating a more competitive marketplace for home buyers and sellers. Maher and his wife, Jennifer, co-founded the Center City co-working space Benjamin’s Desk in 2012. Houwzer is located in Benjamin’s Desk.

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Forbes – Which Industries Are Uber-Vulnerable for Cloud Disruption?


Ritter is co-founder and general partner of Emergence Capital.

Uber, Lending Club, and Airbnb have all upended long-standing, traditional business models, replacing them with cloud-enabled marketplaces, and making headlines in the process. Industry-focused cloud applications, the engines driving the upheaval in those industries, have only begun to realize their potential. What other industries are Uber-vulnerable for industry cloud disruption, and what do the disruptors have in common?

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