How It Works

Our goal is to promote homeownership. When you sell with us you'll receive a no-expiration $2,500 buyer rebate for you, a friend, or family member to purchase a home with us.

Here are the two ways to redeem your Houwzer Assist.


Does the Houwzer Assist ever expire?

There is no expiration date on your Houwzer Assist at this time. Our hope is that you or a friend will use the rebate to buy your next home.

Are there restrictions to home purchases I can use my rebate on?

Yes, the rebate is only valid on a purchase with a minimum $5,000 Buyer Broker commission offered by the listing brokerage. 

For example, any home that sells for over $166,667 and is offering a 3% Buyer Broker commission would satisfy the requirement. Any home that sells for over $200,000 and is offering a 2.5% Buyer Broker commission would satisfy the requirement as well.

Where can I buy a home with my Houwzer Assist?

You can purchase a home in any of our current service areas. Please contact us to see if we service your area yet.

Can I use more than one Houwzer Assist to buy the same home?

Only one Houwzer Assist may be used per purchase.

What if I buy a home with Houwzer before I sell?

If you buy a home with us before you sell, we will refund $2,500 of the listing fee at the settlement of your Houwzer listing.

Can I sell my Houwzer Assist for cash?

Unfortunately, your Houwzer Assist may not be bought or sold. It of course can be gifted.

How do I gift my Houwzer Assist to a friend or family member?

You will be given a Houwzer Assist ID Number. When your friend or family member is ready to purchase they will tell us know your name and ID number to use the rebate.

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