Brewerytown Neighborhood Guide

Posted on Oct 12, 2017

Brewerytown Neighborhood Guide

Welcome to Brewerytown!

Named for the numerous breweries that called this region home in the early 20th century, Brewerytown is an up-and-coming neighborhood that has seen a spike in growth and investment in the past few years. 

Brewerytown Houses


Nestled between the Schuylkill River and 25th street, Brewerytown is home to a wide mix of architecture.

The area is primarily residential, but with an uptick in investments from businesses and architectural firms, the commercial sector has seen a significant amount of growth and improvement. As such, property values are steadily rising. 

Brewerytown Neighbors

In close proximity to Center City District - but much more affordable - Brewerytown is attracting a lot of young families as newcomers. Journalist and Brewerytown resident Syretta Martin summed it up well in Philly Voice:

“We’re far enough away from the colleges that we don’t have to deal with the students' ‘liveliness’ or a lack of parking on a daily basis, nor do we have to fear for our safety, because our neighborhood is safe. We’re close enough to have our own space, to have access to all of the city’s perks and to enjoy some diversity in our neighborhood, too. Here, I’ve found a clean place with a fine balance of people from different walks of life who are passionate about the city and live by its motto: the city of brotherly love.”

Brewerytown Transportation


In the northern part of Philadelphia, Brewerytown is the perfect location for those who want to be near the city without the crowd. Center City is less than 15 minutes away by cab or car, and 25 minutes walking briskly. SEPTA buses and regional rail lines run in all directions, and trolleys head east to west down Girard Avenue.

If you’re staying local, you’ll also find that the neighborhood is extremely walkable.

Things to Do in Brewerytown


From block parties to pop-up shops to museums, there’s always something to do around town.

Crime and Punishment Brewing: Inspired by the famous novel of the same name, Crime and Punishment Brewing is a unique pub in the birthplace of Philadelphia’s brewing scene. Look out for Russian appetizers and themed beer names like Indecent Exposure, The Guillotine, and House Arrest. Bonus: Sponsoring little league games and hosting regular art events, C&P strives to be a place where you can get to know your neighbors.

Le Cat Cafe: There aren’t many places that you can get a latte and adopt a pet, but then again, Brewerytown isn’t like many other places. At Le Cat Cafe, there is always a furry friend to sit on your book, newspaper, or keyboard, and they even host events like yoga, ceramics classes, and children’s storytime. If you find yourself becoming a regular, consider taking one of the adoptable cats home.

Philadelphia Museum of Art: The appeal of the “Rocky Steps” may wear off quickly for locals, but the impressive collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art never does. Besides a plethora of fascinating art, the museum also hosts many events throughout the year like their popular “Art After 5” series.

Brewerytown Beats

No trendy neighborhood would be complete without a vintage record shop. Specializing in all things vinyl, Brewerytown Beats has a wide collection of everything from soul to funk.

Schools in Brewerytown

As a part of the Philadelphia School District, Brewerytown schools include Robert Morris School, grades K-8; Kelly William D, pre-K to 8; White Dove Performing Arts Academy, grades preK- 5; Celestial Christian Academy; and St. Joseph's Preparatory School, grades 9-12.

However, for families who are able, private and charter schools are a more popular option.

The Bottom Line

An uptick in commercial investment has Brewerytown property values on the rise. Whether you're a long-time renter or considering your first home there, don't wait too long to buy. 

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