Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Houwzer?

Houwzer is a next generation real estate brokerage. With Houwzer, you get everything you need to successfully buy or sell a home, at a fraction of the cost from a traditional real estate brokerage. Get the top 1% of agents who do 100s of deals per year, white glove customer service, and a tech platform that streamlines the whole transaction while baking in 100% transparency.

How is Houwzer different from other brokerages?

Houwzer charges a fraction of what traditional real estate brokerages do (1% to sell a home compared to 3%). We employe the top agents, rather than contracting them, and we give them the tools to be more successful than agents at traditional brokerages. As a result, our agents do more deals than a traditional agent, giving them more experience to succeed, while delivering a better experience for our clients.

With Houwzer, you get:

Exceptional service: Explore the glowing reviews from countless satisfied clients. We’re happy to provide direct connections to references if requested.

Low fees: Sellers can save an average of $12,000 with our low, honest fee, while buyers pay nothing and enjoy a pressure free buying experience.

Top 1% agents: Our local agents specialize in every step of your sale, enabling them to handle 20x more transactions than the national average. You’ll have an expert guiding you through every step of your transaction.

Modern technology: We built technology from the ground up that provides you with 100% transparency into your real estate transaction, while streamlining the whole process.

How is Houwzer different from other discount brokerages like Redfin?

We provide superior service at a lower cost than Redfin. Our agents gain experience faster than Redfin agents based on deal volume. This is all made possible from our in-house technology that simplifies an otherwise complicated process. You can count on our top 1% agent team, available seven days a week.

Fees & Commissions

What is Houwzer’s listing fee?

Houwzer charges a 1% listing commission at closing compared to 3% that traditional real estate brokerages charge. This fee is only paid at closing which means we only get paid when you do. All with no hidden feess along the way. Sellers save $12,000 on average.

What does the listing fee cover? Are there any hidden charges?

    Our 1% listing commission pays for everything you’d expect from a traditional brokerage. Signs, photography, open houses, negotiation, contacts, etc. Learn more about selling with Houwzer.
  • We advertise your home in the MLS and on Zillow, Redfin, Trulia,® and 100’s of other sites.
  • We use professional photographers to photograph your home to highlight its best features and stand out.
  • We use social media marketing to attract interested buyers
  • You’ll collaborate closely with a team of skilled agents who specialize in pricing, negotiation, and contracts. They’ll be by your side throughout the entire transaction, advocating on your behalf to ensure a successful sale of your home.

How can you charge such low fees selling homes?

Our in-house technology streamlines the otherwise complicated process of selling a home. This frees our team up to handle more transactions, which in turn gives our team more experience and makes the whole process more efficient. This help us to cut our costs, which we pass on to you. 

Do I need to pay anything upfront?

Never. We only get paid when you successfully sell your home. And buyers never pay us a dime. 


Who is on my Houwzer team?

Our team consists of experts in every stage of the process, covering pricing, negotiation, showings, and inspections. Visit the team page to get meet the individuals who will be assisting you.

How can I schedule a showing or tour of a home?

You can give us a call anytime and we’ll connect you with the top agent in your area.

How can I schedule a listing consultation?