Houwzer vs. Competitors

Everything you need to get a deal done—at a price you deserve. 

Houwzer is Different

When it comes to real estate agents, you have options. Picking the right agent can save you thousands of dollars and ensure you get the support you need. Compare experience, pricing, and services to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Selling with Houwzer vs. Traditional Agents

The Houwzer Listing Team provides an range of services that go beyond what traditional agents offer, all at an affordable, low fee.


One Low Fee

1% of sale price
No money up front

Traditional Agents

Hefty Commission

3% of sale price $15,000 on a $500k home

Buying with Houwzer vs. Traditional Agents

Houwzer’s Buying Agents offer everything you would expect from a traditional agent and more.


Traditional Agents

Houwzer vs. DIY FSBO

Selling your home without an agent means taking on all the effort and stress yourself for the chance of saving money. Houwzer offers similar savings, but without sacrificing the professional support that will help you sell for the maximum selling price.


Low Fair Fee for Full Service

Only 1% of sale price
No money up front

Traditional MLS-Only

Upfront Fee

$300 + attorney fees


Attorney Fees

$1,000 to $2,000

Save Thousands When You Buy Or Sell With Houwzer

Our agents are dedicated specialists who provide guidance at every step. Whether it’s market analysis or skillful negotiation, you’re backed by top experts.