How are we different?

Most brokerages charge homeowners a 6% commission to sell their home - 3% goes to the listing agent and 3% goes to the buyer's agent. 

At Houwzer, we only charge sellers a 1% listing fee, paid at closing. With another 2-3% going to the buyers agent, sellers could save as much as 50% selling with us. All while enjoying a 5-star home selling experience.

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A True Full Service Offering

Don’t let the cost savings fool you. You get everything you would expect from a traditional real estate agent, but with the added benefit of working with a technology-enabled, customer-focused agent team.

So how much can you save? (move slider to your home price)

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You save

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Save $2,500 more if you buy with us and use in-house mortgage and title services.

Times have changed.

The Internet has fundamentally changed how people buy and sell homes. In the old days, an agent's network and hustle was an essential part of getting a home sold. Now, listing sites like Zillow and Trulia have given home buyers easy access to information about every home on the market. In fact, almost 90% of today’s homebuyers find their new homes using one of these sites.

Because of this shift, the cost of advertising homes has suddenly gotten much cheaper. We're passing those savings on to you by charging a 1% listing fee that allows you to retain more of your equity.

Our listing agents use data and local market insight to set a competitive listing price, which drives up interest, ensures that the maximum number of qualified buyers view your home, and ultimately leads to more and better offers. Not only do home sellers save money thanks to Houwzer’s 1% listing model—they also make more money on the actual sale itself.

What's the catch?

There is none. You get full service listing experts who manage the process from consultation to closing. On average, your listing will settle for $4,400 more than the industry average and spend 55% fewer days on market. Check out our raving reviews to see what our clients have to say.

Our Track Record

Our goal is to help you maximize your profit on your home sale, while making the process easier.

  • $40M+
    Total savings for sellers who chose Houwzer
  • $4,400
    On average, our listings settle for $4,400 more than the industry average
  • 20 days
    On average, our listings sell 20 days sooner than other homes on the market
  • 4,000+
    Deals closed since inception

The Houwzer Bundle

You’re selling with us - why not buy with us too? Profit more on your next transaction by working with Houwzer - you’ll receive $2,500 back if you buy, title, and mortgage your home with us.

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