Why You Should Buy in West Philadelphia

Posted on Dec 23, 2015

The benefits of buying a home in West Philly, including food, entertainment, green space, and culture.

West Philadelphia. How should I describe it? Lovely, quirky, original, bohemian, scholarly, multicultural – the list could go on. The neighborhood just west of the Schuylkill River is full of spunk, and if you are looking to purchase a home, buying in West Philadelphia may be the spot for you.

If you missed our Real Estate Quick Guide on West Philadelphia, check it out here for a run-down on the neighborhood.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the aspects that make West Philadelphia a great place to buy a home:


For the foodie, it is easy to find a place to eat with 4+ stars on Yelp (Mood Cafe in Cedar Park, Cucina Zapata in University City, Texas Wiener in Mantua). If you like to mix up your palate daily, or even hourly, the food truck scene allows for a food walkabout of sorts. In University City alone, there are 24 trucks, with more than half nuzzled together on a two block stretch of Spruce St.

West Philadelphia also has Mariposa, a member-owned food co-op. With more than 1,500 members, the Co-op has become a pillar of the community, offering healthy, locally-grown or otherwise sustainably-produced products to West Philadelphia and beyond.


With so many university students running around, it’s also no surprise the ease at which someone can find quality musical entertainment. Music seekers can head to the more well known World Cafe Live or grab a seat at the hidden gem Fiume, to name a couple. Plus, heading over the Chestnut Street bridge is a quick jaunt for those who prefer Center City entertainment options.

Green Space

West Philadelphia is also a good option for those who like some green space in their concrete jungle. The streets are lined with many notable trees, with weeping willows, magnolias, and perhaps the largest Franklinia in the world. Clark Park, located in Spruce Hill, attracts people year round with a mix of athletes, entertainers, artists, and everyone in between. In the winter, Clark Park also becomes a premier sledding destination, as pictured above.

Culture and Arts

Being home to so many universities, as well as a large migration of immigrants to the area, it’s easy to see how West Philadelphia has become a multicultural hub. It is home to International House Philadelphia which showcases films, music, and presentations from around the world. Clark Park attracts visitors from around the area with festivals such as the West Philly African & Caribbean Multicultural Festival and free productions of Shakespeare’s plays. And these are just to name a couple the area has to offer.

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